Pink Tutu Batman Minifigure


Bruce Wayne has a secret and I bet you’re thinking that it’s the fact that Bruce Wayne is Batman! You’d be right to assume that, but really, Bruce Wayne’s secret is that he enjoys a pink tutu and prances around the Batcave in his pink tutu Batman outfit.

Add this custom Batman minifigure to your Batman minifigure collection. everyone needs a good disguise, even Batman. The Pink Tutu Batman minifigure works great for Halloween and theatre brick builds/displays.

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Additional Information

  • Pink Tutu Batman minifigure requires assembly and is packaged in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Pink Tutu Batman minifigure contains small parts and may not be appropriate for all ages.
  • Pink Tutu Batman minifigure is not a Lego brand minifigure but is compatible with Lego brand bricks and minifigures.