Custom and Special Minifigures

These celebrity, video game, and movie inspired minifigures work great with LEGO® brand products

About Funny Minifigs

I’m a LEGO and non-LEGO minifigure collector. I enjoy the wide range of minifigure themes from several creators.

The minifigures listed in our minifigure collections are not official LEGO minifigures. They are a mix of LEGO minifigures, off-brand custom minifigures, and custom minifigure accessories.

I believe that together, all of these brick companies provide a great diversity of products for all types of consumers. 

The minifigures found on this website are compatible with LEGO bricks. To be clear, this website DOES NOT SELL anything. We’re a catalog of minifigures.

Custom Minifigure Collections

Town and City Minifigures

View Town and City Minifigures

Celebrity Minifigures

View Celebrity Minifigures

Funny Minifigures

View Funny Minifigures

Brawlin' Minifigures

View Brawlin' Minifigures

Comments about these Funny Custom Minifigures

"Excellent gifts for the little ones. You can get more minifigures at a lower price and they work great with LEGO bricks"
"It's great that I can populate my LEGO city with custom minifigures which add extra personality to my builds."
"These minifigures are so cute. They look great with my LEGO minifigures. We can't even tell the difference most days."


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