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I’m a LEGO and non-LEGO minifigure collector. I enjoy the wide range of minifigure themes from several creators.

The minifigures listed in our minifigure collections are not official LEGO minifigures. They are a mix of LEGO minifigures, off-brand custom minifigures, and custom minifigure accessories.

I believe that together, all of these brick companies provide a great diversity of products for all types of consumers.  

The minifigures found on this website are compatible with LEGO bricks.

To be clear, this website DOES NOT SELL anything. We’re a catalog of minifigures with links to where you can purchase them at the best rates online.

Don’t get scammed by people who sell custom minfigures on Etsy or eBay. We’ll show you where these custom minifigures are coming from!


The vendors we link to offer free shipping options.


These funny minifigures will stand the test of vigorous play.


These vendors accept returns under certain cirumstances.

Secure Payments

There are multiple, secure payment methods available.

The Best Minifigures!

Minifigures come in hundreds of styles and endless combinations.

You can represent anyone with a handful of bricks and a carefully selected minifigure.

These minifigures work with LEGO bricks and other toys like LEGO.  Funny Minifigs offers you custom and cheap LEGO compatible minifigures to make your next build extra special!