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We’re an online store providing the funniest and wide range of minifigures possible.

The minifigures we sell are not Lego brand minifigures. These minifigures are compatible with Lego bricks.

We’ve sourced the best providers of minifigures offering a wide range of Brick themed figures. 

The Best Minifigures!

Minifigures come in hundreds of styles and endless combinations.

You can represent anyone with a handful of bricks and a carefully selected minifigure.

We’ve spent many hours browsing the Internet for companies that create minifigures that work with Lego bricks and other toys like Lego.  Funny Minifigures offers you custom and cheap Lego compatible minifigures from the best vendors available. 

Check out the newest Minifigures available!


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Our minifigures come from the best providers available.


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